Threat predictions for 2013

on Saturday, January 12, 2013

In the wake of rising threats, it is important for everyone to be geared with new cyber challenges that would arise in the New Year. McAfee predicts the cyber challenges:

1.    Targeted Attacks:
In 2013, we are likely to see significantly more targeted attacks and targeted malware. Protecting against this will be a major challenge- particular for enterprise and government;

2.    Signed Malware:
Signed malware was prevalent in 2012 and this is likely to continue. There will be a large increase in this type of threat and it will be harder to stop because it appears more legitimate;

3.    Big Business at Risk:
Enterprises can be at a higher risk of an attack as there is often a greater attack surface and move ‘visibility gaps’ in their security posture;

4.    Non-Windows Attack:
We suspect non-windows attack will continue to increase in 2013. Enterprises, particularly those embracing Bring Your Own Device (BODY), are also at risk;

5.    Ransomware:
This will also be prevalent in 2013. Ransomware is operated by encrypting files on a victim’s computer, which can only be unlocked by paying the criminals a ‘fine’. It has been a big issue in other countries around the world in the past;

6.    Impact of Changing Regulation:
Financial services organizations in India will need to demonstrate compliance with RBI regulatory mandates, which include data protection, event collection and analysis, endpoint controls, and related security measures.

7.    Need for Incident Response:
Organizations will have to review their processes for dealing with a targeted attack;

8.    Security Process Automation:
With an increasing number, and complexity of the threats faced by organizations, many security technologies still require significant hands-on management;

9.    Connected Devices:
The growth in number and variety of new connected devices will provide additional gateways for hackers to access personal or business networks- these ‘connected devices’ include connected homes and connected cars;

10.           Bring Your Own Application:
IT administrators are losing control of what tools and applications are used inside the enterprise and business users (often lacking in an understanding of the potential security risks these application can pose).

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