Mind the Gap-Five Factor For Effective Change Management

on Saturday, August 11, 2012

1. Gap Analysis
Know where you are, where you want to be and clearly understand and define the gap. Develop a selection of possible solution pathways, each with pros, cons and risk assessment;

2. Capability Analysis
Measure the variation of skills to understand how your team and resources rate against various benchmarks;

3. Leadership Analysis
Do your leaders, managers and supervisors have the necessary skills/ attitude for leading the change? How would you know if they do, especially when many actually may not?

4. Action Analysis
Sometimes, fear can dominate, thus overwhelming the drive for action and result in a series of second guessing and even self-sabotage. Ego-defence mechanisms crop up and people start blaming and avoiding accountability. This leaves the leader to be the sole source of decision-making, and that also slows down progress and overwhelms leaders with work that should be action by empowered team-members. Hence, analyze successful implementations and in particular, the key reasons for failed implementation;
5. Mindset Analysis
When strategies fail, executive teams usually determine to fix one, or both, of two things: communication and training. Depending on their mindsets, individuals will filter messages in different ways. We need to identify their mindset and character preferences and help them shift to the right mindset. (Asia Pacific HRM Congress)

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